For a long time now, your business has been on social media but you still struggle with scheduling Instagram posts? Do not worry, you are not the only one because now, Instagram is not only a visual-sharing social media platform but a marketing channel. More precisely, it is all about branding a business, influencer marketing, and engaging with the customers. However, with more than 2 billion people using the platform monthly, having a strong presence on it is getting competitive.

Moreover, if you are a business new to it, planning and targeting an Instagram Marketing Strategy that increases your engagement rate can be tricky. Hence, rather than putting your valuable time into editing photos and posting them on the platform without any strategy, hire Redpanda Services to plan it for you. But before you do, let us take you through some basics.

Firstly – What Is Instagram Engagement?

With the algorithms that keep changing every now and then, businesses keep wondering How to Market on Instagram in 2022. We know that you too are excited to mark your presence on the social media platform, but you cannot do all the work single-handedly. Instagram engagement is not only about the follower count, content reach, or likes on posts. Precisely, it is more about how people are responding to the content you have published.

A simple explanation for this would be the total count of those who interacted with your content or took an action on it compared to the overall follower base. All these actions are calculated through various key metrics such as:

Instagram also offers a detailed analysis dashboard named Insights for all the business accounts. There, the basic data metrics and performance of the posts among the target audience can be checked.

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